Steel windows & doors

Since 2012, Somaconstruct NV has started manufacturing and installing steel windows & doors.

Steel is known for its exceptional mechanical qualities, which make it possible to have a big bearing capacity and undergo heavy tension. Somaconstruct delivers with the steel and rvs profiles a complete solution for steel windows, doors and facades. Steel is extremely solid and stable in form. This allows for larger glass panes with more narrow profiles, so the architect can play with the incidence of light. Steel allows us to achieve larger spans without expansion joints, which is impossible when using aluminium.

The welded constructions are finished with precision, low maintenance and possible in every RAL-colour.

These windows and doors are available with isolating as well as non-isolating profiles with different widths and gauges, depending on your request.

Furthermore, we are also certified (BENOR ATG) for manufacturing fire- and burglar-proof windows and doors up to RF60.

A few keywords that should convince you to opt for steel windows and doors:

  • STRONG: the exceptional qualities make it possible to have higher tension and bearing capacity.
  • DURABLE: steel lasts a very long time and is extremely durable because it is 100% recyclable.
  • SLIMLINE LOOK AND MAXIMUM INCIDENCE OF LIGHT: because of the strength we can work with slimmer profiles. Since there is in proportion more glass and slimmer profiles, more daylight can enter the space.
  • SOLID: welded constructions are stronger and allow larger measures.
  • LONG LIFE SPAN: better resistant to vandalism and shocks due to use intensive surroundings.
  • SOUND-PROOF: due to the high mass of steel, high acoustic isolation is possible.
  • AESTHETICALLY STABLE IN FORM: welded constructions don’t show any evidence of the connections between the profiles. This makes beautiful wholes and a nice smooth surface.
  • In short: contemporary solutions for all possible building projects.